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The Town of Marble, Gunnison County, and the US Forest Service have convened a stakeholder group to address management strategies for the Lead King Loop. Marble and surrounding public lands in the White River National Forest have been experiencing social-economic and environmental pressures due to up 17,000 annual visitors traveling to the Crystal Mill on the 13-mile, rough, unmaintained road of the Lead King Loop. The stakeholder group will collaboratively develop recommendations to address the increased volume of users including assessing recreation uses, determining stressors within the Town of Marble, collecting data on the environmental impacts on the surrounding lands, water and wildlife, and creating management strategies that will best mitigate impacts to the community, visitors, and the ecosystem. 

This group is seeking public input regarding priorities for managing this area. The survey below asks interested parties to rank 24 diverse values or issues, giving anonymous input to help the stakeholder group identify areas of critical focus. All instructions are provided within the survey, which may take up to 30 minutes to complete.