Agencies and Representatives

The Lead King Loop Steering Committee is comprised of these main agencies. Occasionally, different representatives from the agencies attend and input from other groups is sought. A list of attendees can be found in the notes for each meeting.

Gunnison County - Marlene Crosby 

US Forest Service - Shelley Grail

Town of Crystal - Chris Cox & Manette Anderson

Town of Marble - Ryan Vinciguerra & Ron Leach

Colorado Parks and Wildlife - John Groves

White River National Forest - Karen Shroyer (District Ranger)

Gunnison County Sheriff's Office - John Gallowich

​Crystal  Valley Enviromental Protection Agency - Suzy Meredith Orr & Dale Will

Project Manager and Data Collection - Dr. Melanie Armstrong, Western State University

Administrative - Terry Langley

Meeting and Call Notes

Lead King Loop Steering Committee


The Town of Marble spearheaded the creation of the Lead King Loop Steering Committee in October 2018 in response to public comment at the annual Marble Gunnison County Commissioners' Meeting. It seeks to bring all stakeholder agencies together to address the issues presented by the increased use of the area by OHV users.

In May of 2019 Town Administrator Ron Leach reached out to Western Colorado University to enlist the help of Master in Environmental Management candidate, Corinne Truesdell, who joined the group as Project Manager. Corinne spent the past two summers collecting data including surveys, public comment meetings, vehicle counts, emergency incident counts, environmental and geological history and more. In February 2021 she presented a summary of her findings and suggestions to the town in her final convening report.