The Marble Parks Committee was formed in January of 2020 to act in an advisory capacity for the Marble Town Council.

Recent projects have included:

  • Working with RFOV for trail maintenance in the Millsite Park
  • Working with AVLT towards a vision for Marble Children's Park (Thompson Park).
  • Securing funding for the recent purchase of the new section of the Millsite Park
  • Planning Marblefest 2021
  • ​Collecting feedback to form a Millsite Master Plan
  • Working to Maintain a groomed Cross Country Ski Trail through the park

Members are volunteers from the community

Marja O'Connor - Chair​

Richard Wells - Vice Chair

Amy Rusby - Secretary

Lise Hornbach

Brent Compton

Amber McMahill

Hawkins Siemon

If you are interested in helping please contact Brent at

This report is for all lovers of Marble history and the Millsite Park. An extensive archeological survey was conducted by Alpine Archeology in 2002 outlining the history, relics and proposed steps to preserve the Millsite Park. The study was made possible through the Marble Historical Society. 

All events, public and private 35 people and over, require a permit. All commercial events regardless of attendance need a permit. Contact with any questions or to submit your permit. 

Are you interested in holding a private or public event in the Mill Site Park?

Marble Parks and Recreation


Archeological Survey Report